How to play Hill Climb and some tricks

Hill Climb is an endless driving game, but not auto-driving, as you control the acceleration and the brake, both of which you must use to navigate some of the nastier hills in the game. Read on for some tips and tricks for Hill Climb Racing

Hill Climb is a simple car game and you need to collect coins by driving on the hill. Using the coins you can purchase car or upgrade it. There are totally six stages: countryside, arctic, desert, cave, highway and moon. Among this the moon stage will be really funny and you can get more coins from this stage. There are totally 3 cars in this game namely jeep, monster truck and race car. It is better to stick on jeep for the whole game hill climb.

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Hill Climb is a free Android, Ios game and can be downloaded from Google Play. The key thing that attracted me is it occupies very less internal memory. The size of this game is around 10 MB. It means you can run this game Hill Climb in low configuration Android tablet Android mobile or iPhone, iPad without any hiccups. You can enjoy this game in low budget tablet like Funbook.

When you first play the game Hill Climb, since you will have absolutely no upgrades to anything, instead of keeping the accelerator pressed down constantly, you should try to keep the RPMs around the third dash, by pressing the acceleration button over and over. Work the button, and the truck will be less likely to flip over on the hills than it would be if you just held it down.

Do this until you start upgrading. Upgrade the tires, suspension and the 4wd before you upgrade the engine – in fact, leave the engine at level 1 or so until everything else is around level 3 or even 4 if you are patient enough. This will multiply the effects of better tires and suspension on your car, since a faster engine is more likely to flip you over.

Hitting the accelerator button while in mid air will cause the nose of your car to go up, and hitting the brake button while in mid air will cause the nose to go down. Try to point the nose of your car so that you are level with the surface that you are about to land on when you jump. However, keep your speed high enough that you will be able to get up the next hill.

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On the first level, the countryside, an easy way to make coins quickly is to hit the accelerator until you hit the first bridge. Then, slam the brake right as you hit the bridge and you’ll go airborne. Hold the brake to do a front flip, or a neck flip depending on how upgraded you are. A neck flip will kill you instantly but you will earn 2,500 coins from it. Hill Climb Racing game concept doesn’t have any target. Its just a time pass game.

Some related game Hill Climb tips and tricks

  1. How to complete level easily?

Just set your mind like break do stoppie and gas do whilee. If you set this clearly you can avoid driver dead. Concentrate more on coins instead of flip and air time. You can do flip and air time automatically by upgrading your car. If you keep all this in your mind you can easily unlock all the features of game Hill Climb within one day.

  1. How to do a neck flip?

You can do a neck flip easily by upgrading your car. Accidentally you may attempt neck flip while you are driving fast. Most of the neck flip make driver down. It is easy to do a neck flip by applying brake instead of applying boost. To do a easy neck flip just apply break / stoppie while moving down to the hill with full speed.

  1. Cheat codes for Hill Climb Racing game

Currently there is no cheat codes available for this game Hill Climb. There is no use of cheat codes for this game. Just enjoy driving.